5 Ways Taking a Concealed Carry Class Changed My Life

5 Ways Taking a Concealed Carry Class Changed My Life

1. Personal Safety When No Police Are Around

You can’t plan when you’ll need a gun.

No matter where you are, you can be instantly put in a situation where your life’s in danger. This could be at home, walking down the street like you do every night, or at the gas station.

You never know when you’ll be the unlucky one chosen in the random lottery to become a victim and statistic.

You might not be the most imposing figure and appear to be an easy target for an attacker. Little do they know you’ve gone through the process and training needed to conceal carry legally; this gives you the element of surprise.

One-on-one situations happen fast.

There is no time to call the police and wait.

By taking responsibility for your safety and carrying concealed, I gave myself the gift of a chance to defend myself.

2. The Safety of Your Family

You’re home, laying in your bed.

Out of nowhere, you’re jolted awake by the shattering glass in the door in your back room.

Your first thought is to wonder how long the response time can be for the police.

Sherrifs.org says it can be about 18 minutes. Of course, it depends on the scenario and how close a squad car happens to be to your house.

Your family is your responsibility to protect. You would do anything to protect your kids.

Carrying and training with your pistol is part of protecting your family, even at home.

3. Exercise Your Right

Regardless of your stance on the 2nd Amendment, you have the right to carry a weapon; as long as you meet the criteria.

Just like a muscle, if you don’t exercise your rights they will fade away and be a shadow of what they once were.

4. Find a New Hobby

Some people play darts, pool, or bowl in their free time.

In my experience, these activities revolve around drinking.

These social activities lose the appeal if you don’t drink. It’s hard to hang out with a drinking crowd.

Instead, many ranges have defensive pistol leagues such as IDPA that run in the winter months. There’s also USPSA and 3-Gun competitions.

These serve a dual purpose; you get to meet like-minded people, and you keep your skills sharp all winter long.

5. Confidence, not Arrogance or Ignorance

Your training will help you feel more confident about how you will handle a sticky situation.

For starters, you will have better spatial awareness.

You will be looking around more, analyzing your surroundings.

Staying off your phone will help keep your eyes on your changing surroundings.

By carrying a concealed weapon, you are not ignoring the possibility of danger.

By deciding to carry, you are choosing to protect yourself, family, and others. You aren’t trying to be a vigilante who looks for trouble so he can use his gun.


Content courtesy of the PrepperJournal.com