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I’m A Woman, And I Choose To Conceal Carry

Because no one expects the 5 foot 4, blonde white girl to be packing some heat. Most young adults dream of their 21st birthday because they can then go out to bars and drink. On my 21st birthday, I had a very different dream. About a week after my birthday, I purchased my first pistol, […]

5 Ways Taking a Concealed Carry Class Changed My Life

5 Ways Taking a Concealed Carry Class Changed My Life 1. Personal Safety When No Police Are Around You can’t plan when you’ll need a gun. No matter where you are, you can be instantly put in a situation where your life’s in danger. This could be at home, walking down the street like you […]

Conceal Carry Student Handbook

Thank you for attending our Conceal Carry class. We believe it is vital for anyone owning a handgun to receive as much training as they can get. Please click on the picture below for a link to our course materials. Please support the USCCA by protecting your family and your future with conceal carry insurance.

Conceal Carry Student Course Manual

Thank you for attending our class.  This page includes a password protected link to our course materials.  Please consider protecting yourself and your family from the unforeseen with USCCA.  Course material PDF can be found here – Please contact your instructor for password.  Thank you again for attending.    

Ryan M.

I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity of taking and gaining my 20 Hour-Armed Security Certificate. The course I took was given through Secureone Security Training in Crestwood, Illinois. The course was taught by, Thomas Manos, who is Secureone’s Training Coordinator. I have been in the security industry for over four years. […]