George L. (Student)

Tom, I would like to say “Thank You” for the EXCELLENT classes you  put on.

I recently took all my training ( Unarmed Security Officer, Armed Security Officer, Baton, Handcuff, OC, ECD-Taser, First aid/CPR/AED, Concealed Carry) with Tom Manos on a highly professional, yet easy going and fun training sessions. Tom  presented the information in a clear, easy to understand manner with the intensity needed to make all crucial skill sets known. Firearms skills are not a subject to take light hearted or as a game, and Tom made that point clear. What is unique about Tom is that he can present very serious information in a manner that nails the important points across yet doesn’t make you uncomfortable. It was a great learning experience. Not only did we cover all of the Laws and ethical responsibility of carrying a firearm concealed, we spent a lot of time on the range learning proper techniques. It has been something I’ve been considering and the classes definitely helped me feel more confident in myself to where, if I would decide to carry, I would know how to properly use my firearm and make it a tool of protection and not harm. Wanted to let you know I thought it was amazing. No one should carry until properly trained with a course like yours!!! Tom has incredible sense of humor which made the courses great, but he was strict, safe, serious and professional all at the same time. I will recommend your courses  to others. These courses were worth EVERY penny spent. Feel free to use my testimonial in your ads!

Tom makes you comfortable and does not enforce his views on you, he is there to help you learn what you need to to make the right decision for you and you alone.

You can tell he truly cares!

I highly recommend all of his classes for anyone person who carries, is considering carrying or is just interested in getting into shooting. Thanks again Tom, this class helped build my self confidence and my shooting skills! I truly enjoyed myself and learned A LOT! You did an EXCELLENT job of  instructing the class, You were professional, safety driven and strived for excellence in all who attended. I could not have asked for more.

I would definitely drive the 64 miles again to train with you with no reservations whatsoever. I hope to see you again at the range.


Thanks Again

George L.