Ryan M.

I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity of taking and gaining my 20 Hour-Armed Security Certificate. The course I took was given through Secureone Security Training in Crestwood, Illinois. The course was taught by, Thomas Manos, who is Secureone’s Training Coordinator.
I have been in the security industry for over four years. During that time I have been awarded with the Security Professionals Association of Illinois Life Saving Award, American Society for Industrial Security Private Security Officer of the Year, and Allied Barton Security Services Merit and Heroism Award. I have taken my own steps to graduate Columbia College of Missouri with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration Degree. I have done countless papers and research on the subject of defense principles, weapons platforms, and legal perspectives on use of force; in addition, I have over 200 hours of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Ground Combative training through Team Curran, a Pedro Saure affiliate. I have experience as a Law Enforcement Officer for a short time with the South Holland Police Department, as well as becoming a recipient of a Challenge Coin for handgun marksmanship and proficiency from Navy Seal Master Chief Hersel Davis.
After taking this course I learned way more than I expected to walk away with.
In fact, I wish Mr. Manos was my class instructor for my firearms week while I attended the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy at the College of DuPage. He went much more in depth than many of their instructors. Mr. Manos gave information and instructions that far exceeded the minimum requirements of this state. He gave sound principles for rules of safety, demonstrated them, as well as established state and federal laws with regards to the security industry in easy to understand language. He provided ample amounts of hands on training prior to live fire training. The learning never let up and my perspectives have been changed in many positive ways.
He demonstrated techniques with revolvers that I never learned despite being trained on them at Dunbar Armored. His demonstrations increased my proficiency and speed with revolvers. He showed us videos which have enlightened me to the threats I face and how to properly address them. Some of these threats I was unaware of. He showed us ways we can practice firearms safety and proficiency at home with laser adaptors and dry fire drills. These drills allow students to learn his techniques in a cost effective way. He was friendly with each student, never demeaned any of us, and answered each question we had professionally. I personally witnessed students who were fearful and hesitant about their ability to handle firearms gain confidence and handle them with skill. He is one of those instructors who will bring the best in his students out.
In my opinion, this instructor should be held to the same pedigree as Travis Haley, Master Chief Hersel Davis, and many of the best firearms instructors nationwide. I strongly recommend that Allied Barton continue their relationship with Mr.Manos and Secureone into the foreseeable future. I will personally be recommending this instructor to friends, family, and my peers who seek training in firearms proficiency or the security industry.