Law Enforcement Training

State of Illinois Unarmed Security Officer Training

Class fee: FREE for a limited time !!!

This class is for those who want to work as a security officer in the State of Illinois. IDFPR (Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations) is the State agency which regulates those who hold a professional license.  20 hours of security training and a PERC card are required by IDFPR.

Course Topic Overview:

  • Laws regarding arrest, search, and seizure
  • Civil and criminal liability for acts related to private security
  • The use of force, including but not limited to the use of nonlethal force (i.e. disabling spray, batons, stun guns or similar weapons)
  •  Arrest and control techniques
  • The offenses under the Criminal Code of 2012 that are directly related to the protection of persons and property
  • Laws on private security forces and reporting to law enforcement agencies
  • Fire prevention, fire equipment, and fire safety
  • Procedures for service of process and report writing
  • Civil rights and public relations
  • Identification of terrorists, acts of terrorism, and terrorist organizations, as defined by Federal and State statutes

This course offers in-depth coverage of the 10 required topics to receive your PERC. You will be trained on searching persons for weapons, and properly handcuffing a subject. This class teaches gun safety, how to safely unload a firearm, interview stance, duty belt setup, and situational awareness. We will also cover first-aid, and how to obtain a First-aid/CPR and AED certification.

The course instructor has over 20 years of experience in the security field, with extensive security knowledge. Our training programs are so spectacular, that other security companies send their new-hires to us to receive their training.

Additional Details:

  • We offer fingerprinting on-site for $55
  • The PERC card costs an additional $55 to the IDFPR
  • Above costs are not included in the cost of this course