I’m A Woman, And I Choose To Conceal Carry

Because no one expects the 5 foot 4, blonde white girl to be packing some heat.

Most young adults dream of their 21st birthday because they can then go out to bars and drink. On my 21st birthday, I had a very different dream. About a week after my birthday, I purchased my first pistol, a Glock 43. Two weeks after my birthday I drove down to my local courthouse and got my Pennsylvania carry permit. My birthday wish was complete.

I grew up in the middle of Pennsylvania where guns seem to be a household item. I live in a very rural neighborhood and it wasn’t uncommon during hunting season to hear a distant muzzleloader go off. When I was younger, my dad used to hunt so I knew that there were guns in the house, but never really thought about purchasing one myself until about a year or two before my 21st birthday.

I know that guns have been a hot issue on the news and in the political spectrum but my opinions on that is a topic for a different article. I choose to conceal carry because I refuse to become a victim. As a young woman of small stature, I know that can become an easy victim of violence or sexual assault. If you watch any news channel there will probably be news stories about women who have been become victims to such violent acts. And these are just the instances that get reported to the police. I refuse to become one of those stories. It makes me wonder if women got the gun training and safety that they needed, if these reports of violence against women would decrease? I believe that some women think that carrying a gun is something that only men should do or that it is dangerous. But I was raised to handle myself and in order to do so, I feel the need to carry a pistol with me.

Another reason I choose to conceal carry is because it provides me with peace of mind. God forbid if an act of violence were to happen to me or a person around me, I would be equipped to handle the situation or at least get out of it. There has been many times that I was home alone, and my gun provided me with peace of mind. I am one of those people that when out in public is determining the fastest route out of the building in case of an emergency so getting my conceal carry relieved anxiety that I get when in public places.

I hope and pray that I never have to use my gun on another human being, but if I have to in order to protect myself or someone else I am willing to take that responsibility. I know that conceal carrying isn’t for everyone but if you are interested in conceal carrying I encourage you to look into your state’s gun laws and figure out what is best for you. I highly encourage any individual to exercise their Second Amendment right that the Constitution has given them. Keep Calm, and Carry On!

Content courtesy of theOdysseyOnline